Ancient Insights

My name is Trevour. I’m a modern day Mystic, and this is why

I do this work as a Spiritual Reader/Healer because it is a Calling and an integral part of my own destiny. I am a portal and a conduit to the Spiritual Realm. I have done many other things in life in an attempt to avoid the path, but time and time again I am drawn back and planted firmly on the path of Vision and Healing. Having done a serious amount of my own shadow and healing work, I can empathize strongly with the suffering of others. A powerful desire to remove pain and bring clarity arises spontaneously from within. When working with a client, I am simultaneously connected with Source, my own Higher Self, and their Higher Self. This connection brings wholeness and peace and I believe this is what makes my readings and healings so powerful. It is my greatest joy to share this with you that this blessing may bear witness and be paid forward for the highest good of all.


From my earliest memories, I have been obsessed with magick, the occult and the mysteries of life and death. I remember floating around the house at night and being visited by all manner of spirits from as early as the age of 2 or 3. I would tell my mother that people were coming over before she had any knowledge of it, and I had an obsession with death and dying.

I once asked for a magic wand for Christmas, and when I got a commercial child’s Magic Kit, I argued that this was not what I meant. I meant the REAL magick. For my entire childhood I was obsessed with books on psychic development, witchcraft and the occult and read every book on the subject from the school and county libraries. I would also scare myself by calling “things” to me and then praying with all my might that they would go away!

The drive to develop psychic ability and to direct the forces of the spiritual world only grew stronger as I matured. Even though I survived an unending barrage of abuse, neglect and bullying throughout my childhood years, I was always empathetic and compassionate when it came to the suffering of others. Including those who had hurt me. Being an empath is not an easy path. At first, I was completely oblivious to what was happening. All I knew is I was psychic as all get out, but I would subconsciously pick up the pain, suffering and neurosis of nearly everyone around me. On a couple of different occasions, it brought me very close to deaths doorstep, but again, I survived. At one particularly low point in my early 30s when I was completely bedridden, the thought came to mind – “None of these thoughts and feelings belong to me!” Over the years I have heard many other empaths describe the same “Ah-ha!” moment.

Going back to teenage years, I left home and almost immediately began work as a psychic reader. At the age of 18 I got a job teaching Tarot through the Ottawa Board of Education Continuing Education Division. I started off with one class. Next semester, I had 3 classes in 2 different schools and ended up teaching 5 classes over all on Witchcraft, Tarot and Palmistry. Since that time, I’ve done over 20,000 readings and certified over 1,350 people.

In addition to being naturally gifted, I formally trained under various Masters and Adepts in the Western Tradition undergoing formal Initiation in Golden Dawn, Thelemic, Rosicrucian, Gnostic, Martinist and Wiccan Traditions as well as becoming a Reiki Master back in 2000. Training taught me self-discipline, control, empowerment and various ways to connect with Source and how to call upon a variety of spiritual entities from the Divine to the Shadow Realms of raw elemental power. Boring details aside, this part of my life taught me that these gifts, tools and powers are best developed through the framework of healing and this must be done ‘freely’. I am trained and certified in a number of different healing modalities including Master Hypnotist, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reflexology, Reiki Master and PSYCH-K.

More recently I have received readings from a Babalawo, Santera and Priests of Ifa and Voodoo who all confirm independently that this is the work that I’m in the world to do. And that I will succeed at my task. Mediums with a connection to the other realm also say the same thing. All of these readings are unprompted without any previous knowledge of who I am or what I do. From people who are not acquainted with each other.

And so, it is with all sincerity, humility and authenticity that I offer these services to you that they may bring light, love, clarity and healing into your experience and into the world.