Ancient Insights

5 Spells Package

This package delivers 5 of the easiest, most practical, most indispensable spells you will ever need to know! Fascinating, fun and effective, this is a real ‘sleeves up, hands on’ experience that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Uncrossing Spell

Crossed conditions are one of the major reasons people seek out the assistance of a Sorcerer and can happen to anybody, anywhere, anytime. A general run of bad luck, head-aches, insomnia, troubled relationships, aches, pains, pesky traffic tickets and a whole host of other symptoms can reveal that you have been “crossed”. Usually not by someone who is actively practicing magick against you but more commonly by jealous acquaintances, angry coworkers, controlling family members and the like.

The Tradition of using magick to bless and protect a home or business is one of the single most simple, powerful, effective and lasting things a person can do! With this very simple, secret formula, you will learn how to cast an Uncrossing Spell to end that run of bad luck and turn your fortune around.

Honey Jar 007

The Honey Jar Spell

The Protection Spell

Protection from what, you might ask?

As human beings we are subjected to any number of dangers both seen and unseen. I think we can all agree that nobody enjoys being the victim of gossip, envy, illness, violence, poverty. The Protection Spell is a continuation of the Uncrossing Spell. In the first spell you are removing a Jinx from your home or business. The Protection Spell seals in a defense on a personal level. You will learn the super-secret method of making your own Protection Formula as well as tips on how to take a regular every day occurrence and turn it into something magickal!

Honey Jar Spell

This is one of my favourite ‘go to’ spells, particularly for fast luck when it comes to love or money. The excellent thing about the Hoodoo Tradition is that everything is fast and easy and can be readily assembled with products almost everyone has in their kitchen. The Honey Jar Spell has an amazing reputation for working to ‘sweeten’ difficult situations. I am always very careful when promoting magick spells and cures, but in my experience, I have seen the Honey Jar Spell work time, and time again. I can’t wait to show you how.

The Boss Fix Spell

Boss Fix

The Boss Fix Spell

Problems in the workplace? Here’s your answer. The Boss Fix Spell is a really great example of a simple candle spell. Even though the application is designed specifically to sooth and harmonize the workplace there will be lots of tips and pointers to teach you how to adapt the spell for other purposes, including love, luck and money.

The ‘Shut-Up’ Spell

Gossip, rumours and backstabbing are probably some of the worst things that we can experience. And what would a Sorcery party be without dabbling just a little bit into the realm of the Dark Arts? The ‘Shut-Up’ Spell is not for the squeamish and comes in both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian version. The non-vegetarian is positively grisly…you’ll totally love it! Stop those two-faced, back-stabbing gossips in their tracks and Shut them the hell up!  You’ll learn 3 versions of this handy little spell.


With 5-8 people, the cost of this party is $50 per person. This includes handouts, instructions and some basic supplies. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to cover the cost of out of pocket expenses related to the party such as photocopies, candles and other ingredients.