Ancient Insights


Astrology is one of the oldest of the occult sciences. It has been used reliably over the last 5,000+ years by kings, queens, clergy, military forces and people from all walks of life in order to reveal the path of destiny.

Astrology was the very first science developed by humans the world over. From astrology came astronomy, physics, biology, medicine, psychology, magick and more. You could spend your whole life perfecting the art and still never grasp it all.

Each person has what is called a Natal Horoscope. It is a photograph of the sky at the time of birth. This map indicates your character, constitution, challenges, talents and destiny. It is like a stamp the Creator impresses upon the human soul at the time of birth. The Natal Horoscope is something everyone should have. It only needs to be done once by a competent astrologer because the information in this chart never changes. Moreover, the Natal Chart is necessary to do more advanced calculations such as transits – which are used in order to forecast future events. Progressions which speak specifically to your own personal growth and where you are along the path of evolution. And Synestry, which is a comparative relationship chart which can be cast for a spouse, friend, family member or coworker.