Ancient Insights


5. Personal Insight and Self-knowledge

Numerology has been used by all advanced civilizations including Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Egyptian, Chaldea, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese, the Aztecs and Mayans and likely a few more that I don’t know about.

So its development is at least 2,500 years in the making and some believe much longer than that. Over this period of time, consistent observations regarding one’s aptitudes and personal destiny have been recorded based on the numbers associated with the birth date and the letters of your name – each of which is assigned a numerical value.

Like other assessment tools used for career and aptitude exploration such as True Colours, Myers Briggs, Keirsey, MAPP and others, Numerology provides a rich and surprisingly accurate picture of who you are in the world, the path you walk, your intrinsic talents, likes, dislikes and personal challenges.

But it goes even further than that. Numerology often reveals deeper interests that have been locked away as a result of time, circumstances and not following your true desire. The source and resolution of ongoing problems can be uncovered. As well as the best way to turn negative patterns around and find positive solutions. In fact, your numbers seem to know the True You, even better than you know yourself!

Furthermore, the number cycles in a Numerology Chart are sequential and follow a distinctly predictable path. So they may be used to forecast specific themes, trends and events in a person’s life with uncanny accuracy.

Don’t believe me? Well then, that’s one reason why YOU need to have your Numerology Chart done!

4. Going through a trying time? Experiencing conflict, upheaval or uncertain changes? Need to make an important decision?

Your personal Numerology Chart highlights very specific transitions and cycles. Those that are connected to your birth date, include the Challenge Number, Pinnacles and Period Cycles. These are determined individually for each person based on the day, month and year of their birth. As we progress through life and grow older, certain years stand out as being much more critical than others. These specific ages and their accompanying themes present themselves quite strongly at these times and numerology can help you pinpoint the exact when, where and how of these transitions.

Other cycles are specific to the letters in your full name at birth which are called Transits and Essences. These are like personal modifiers which speak to specific strengths and challenges you are experiencing in response to external events.

Taking this information together, we are then able to determine the nature of your personal year, month and day. It never ceases to amaze me (and my clients) just how accurate this is! So in times of crisis or uncertainty, numerology is an excellent tool that provides the framework from which to analyze different aspects of your life so that you can better decide what you really want out of the circumstances and what your best options are for happiness and success.

Trust me. You NEED to have YOUR Numerology Chart done!

3. The Birth of a Child!  

Are you a new parent or know someone who is? Numerology Charts an excellent way for parents and caregivers to get an inside scoop on how a child’s life will unfold. As the numbers cover all areas of development they will speak to inherent issues around temperament and aptitude. Is you child artistic? Methodical? Adventurous? Let’s face it, you don’t raise a goldfish in a birdcage. Knowing in advance the kinds of things that will help your child be the best they can be (and in what area!) is invaluable to raising a happy, healthy Being. One, who will grow into a confident adult who already knew what they want to be when they grew up.

The information from this single chart will be valid for the entire life of your child. Even into old age. There are not to many things left in this world that can make this claim. Just another reason why you NEED to have a Numerology Chart done! Numerology Charts make EXCELLENT gifts for the birth of a child – or children of any age for that matter. Just sayin’.

2. Relationship compatibility.

Did you just meet that special someone? Wondering how things are going to work out? Is your love still going strong after ‘all these years’? Or, are you experiencing endless streams of conflict and disappointment?

Some people liken the vibration of the numbers to colours or musical notes. Where some colours match better with others and some notes make nicer harmonies – some simply do not. When assessing a compatibility chart there are several numbers which are considered to make a definitive judgement as to the strengths and weaknesses in a relationship. Where problems exist, the precise area and attitudes at the source of the problem will be highlighted –  along with the best solution. The good stuff which holds the relationship together will also be made clear as well as advice on how to keep it going.

This is also true of forecasting. The combined numbers of each partner will show periods when you are in sink with each other and times when you are not. Forewarned is forearmed! That’s what I always say.

In some cases the growth of the family is indicated, and in others – when separation and divorce are likely to occur. But don’t let this scare you! The reason we use these tools is so that we can better make informed decisions and choices. If there is an issue, chance are you know already. Numerology can either help you see your way through or cut that dead weight once and for all.

Relationships can be challenging. We all know that. But Numerology can provide invaluable insight so you can ride the highs and smooth out the lows. Together, of course. So you and your partner BOTH NEED to have your Relationship Chart done!

1. It’s unique! It’s fun! It’s interesting!

It’s been said that a person’s favourite subject is themselves. Whether or not this is the case, a numerology chart is all about you based on your full name at birth, and your birth date. Aren’t you even just a little bit curious what it has to say? Sure you are! A professional Numerology Chart only needs to be done once by a competent Numerologist as the numbers will remain the same throughout the course of your lifetime. Of course there are many different types of readings you can get but the Personality Profile will never change. I include a detailed yearly forecast for each of my clients and you can have your forecast done yearly.

Some people consult a Numerologist when considering naming a child or a business. To find out the energy inherent in a business or personal address or phone number and a whole lot more.

I have worked as a psychic consultant for 37 years now and I can say without reservation that I have as yet to hear anyone say “Nope. That’s not me at all” when it comes to Numerology. To the contrary clients are consistently blown away by the amount of information contained in the reports, as well as how accurate it is. So check it out! You know you’re curious!

  You will Learn:

  • The Life-Path Number – this number derived from the birthday is the most powerful marker of destiny and is Banner Imageused to time various events. It is called the Life-Path because it represents the road you will walk in life
  • The Expression Number – composed of the letters of your full name at birth, this number reveals your individuality and character traits. It is the person walking the path, and can reveal other compatibilities related to love and career
  • The Soul Urge Number (Hearts Desire) – the vowels of your name speak to your true goals and motivations in life. Do you make your decisions based on love, family, money, career, creativity, status, spirituality, power?
  • The Personality Number – where the Soul Urge reveals you innermost desires, the consonants in your name show what you reveal to the world and also what you attract
  • Karmic Debt Numbers – a little known and often overlooked element of Numerology, these numbers can highlight key challenges that you either came into the world with, or may encounter along the way in health, work, relationships, finances or recreation.
  • Transits – the different cycles indicated by the letters of your name show specific themes you will encounter along the way
  • Master Numbers – learn how the double numbers 11, 22 & 33 imbue people with certain gifts and also tremendous responsibilities
  • The Birthday Number -the day of the month in which you were born and what it means to you, personally
  • Period Cycles, Pinnacle & Challenges – timing the peaks and valleys along the road of life
  • The Personal Year, Month & Day – using Numerology to accurately identify and forecast your themes and events for any occasion; past, present or future

This workshop includes:

  • An extensive workbook
  • Worksheets
  • All you need to know to practice Numerology either professionally, or as a hobby to share with friends and family

Registration Details: Due to the small class size, pre-payment and registration are required. etransfer, cash or credit card only

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